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Grants - Past Recipients

Cycle 1
Spring 2013

Elementary eMagazines + Devices
Document camera for the classroom
MP3 players for the classroom
iPad for ELA Workshop
iPad & Apple TV
iPad for Classroom Learning
iPad for Classroom Learning
iPads in Every Class Initiative (3 iPads + Acc)
iPad for Classroom Learning
iPad for Classroom Learning
Speech Augmentation - iPad
Toontastic Talents - iPad2
TI Nspire Calculators
Go Pro HD Video Camera - TV-10
TV-10 camera mount "Hi Hat"
Digital Microscopes
World at our Fingertips: iPad + Accessories
iPad + wireless sound system
Digital cameras for the art classroom
iPad - Tracking Student Growth in Music
iCompose/ iPad mini components-3 school
Robohawks Linus Pi Mini PC
iPad for PE Student Growth Tracking
Power Products - iPad minis
iPod Touches for "Power-itness News"

Scholastic Achievement
Music/Sensory Education:  Instruments
Camp Reilly
Positive Behavior Support Program
Sulzby Books
Playworks - Recess PBIS summer training
Conscious Discipline- PBIS summer training
Self Publication - Behavior Books
Leader in Me Summer Training
7 Habits/Leader in Me Field Trip
Health Exploration Field Trip
POWER African American Student Support
Leader in Me Summer Training

The Arts
Moxie Strings Clinic

Extracurricular Activities
Pledge for Success - Summer Book Club
"Hands on Your Food" program
"Be the Solution" video series-two school project
"Be the Solution" video series-2 school project (dollars captured under Farmington HS)
High tech Basketball Rebound Machine
Destination Imagination support

Cycle 2
Fall 2013

Elementary Music iPad Request for Music Learning Theory Assessment-2 school project
Making Reading relevant for struggling readers
Document Camera
Reading Comprehension Growth and Achievement Reader's and Writer's Workshop
Document Camera - Hover Cam T5
Team Tyner
Intergrating Technology to enhance learning for special education students
Document Camera
Mrs. Green's iPad project
Documentation, Feedback and Support
Document camera:  Hovercam T5
Hovercam T5
Hovercam T5 Document Camera
Hovercam T5 Document Camera
Enhancing Reader's and Writer's Workshop in the Language Arts Classroom with an iPad
7th grade Eastern Hemisphere Instruction
iPad 2
Using Technology for Japanese Language Task-Based Learning and Assessment
iPad for Reader's and Writer's Workshop Innovation
Making Our Thinking Visible
World Language Task-Based Curriculum Technology Support
Improving Reading Skills with Technology
“I Can See Me, I Can Hear Me, I Can Read!”
Presentation & Public Speaking 101
My Wish to SOAR with an iPad4
Mission: iPad in the Classroom
Mission: iPad in the Classroom
Mission: iPad in the Classroom
Engaging Kindergarteners Using iPad Minis
Use of iPads and LabQuest Viewer in Formative Assessment and Laboratory Design
Making Thinking Visible in Math
Classroom Student Response System (Clickers)
Reading and Leading -- From Fundamental to Exponential!
Music Technology
Document Camera for the Art Classroom
Touch, Play, Listen: Making Music with Special Learners
Green Team Garden Expansion-2 school project (captured under Harrison)
Document camera for ELA Workshop
Room 222 Document Camera
Green Team Garden Expansion-2 school project
Sharing our Learning

Scholastic Achievement
Sensory equipment in early childhood programs
Pledge for Success "Your Success Starts Today"
DISTRICT: One School, One Book
You know my name...Do you know my story?
Leader in Me Staff and Parent Training

The Arts
DISTRICT: Eisenhower Dance
PTA Reflections/Youth Arts Recognition of Film Winners at the Greater Farmington Film Festival
Uklele 4 Kidz
Power Upper Elementary Fiddle Club

Extracurricular Activities
Be the Solution Cafeteria Recycling Enhancements
PTA Council Enrichments Designated Fund Seed Money
Farmington High School Communication Camp
Fit Falcons- Farmington High School Fitbit Zip
Bowling—“It’s How We Roll”

Cycle 3
Spring 2014

Burton Writers
iPad for Orchestra
Teaching Like it's 2099
Capture authenticity
Camp Riley
Celebrate Learning
iPad Mini Integration: Moving from Apps to Opps (Opportunities to assess and demonstrate learning in a mobile, media-based way)
Technology Integration
Supporting ELL students and Differentiating Curriculum in a Kindergarten classroom
iPad for classroom use
See Me in P.E.
Fostering Oral Language Through Technology
Technology in the classroom
Program for Anatomical Visualization
Using Technology to Enhance Instruction and Assessment at Alameda Early Childhood Center
Beechview Physical Education Technology Enhancement
IPad For Classroom Use
I-Pads for the classroom
An iPad mini to Assist with School-Based Physical Therapy

Scholastic Achievement
La Crescendo Music After-School Program
Learning with Special Friends
Building Friendships for Success
Sweet Dreamzzz's Early Childhood Sleep Education Program--2 school program
Summer Youth Dialogues and Religious Diversity Journeys--Student Diversity Work
Fine Motor and Sensory Integration in the General Education Classroom
Wood Creek Science Night
Career Cruising